Square uptown station billboards

Right now, Oakland is the land of milk and honey. Since moving here more than 20 years ago, I have seen Oakland go from a gritty, run-down, economically-depressed town into a vibrant, prosperous city. The billboard(s) I am proposing would play on the concept of milk and honey as a representation of wealth and prosperity as well as accessibility and affordability. Not everyone is able to participate in the new economics of Oakland, but most people can afford to buy a jug of milk or a jar of honey. The imagery, clipped from supermarket flyers, are simple, everyday products yet, when enlarged and presented on a billboard can take on a different meaning. Incorporating names of various Oakland neighborhoods in the images brings communities into a dialogue about a sense of place, an integrated Oakland rather than an economically divided one. 

 One billboard might show milk, while the other, show honey. Alternatively, both milk and honey could be collaged together and featured on one billboard.