In the studio - 2017


I use everyday materials to uncover commercial strategies and investigate ideas of community, ecology, and themes of re-use. Discarded materials are recycled into works that highlight underlying systems of use, value and labor.

My current works on paper use marketing materials that arrive in my mailbox on a daily basis. Culling through stacks of supermarket flyers, mail order catalogs and other promotions I remove, organize and arrange images into categories that emphasize excess, unnecessary products and unsolicited needs.

With sculpture and installation, I use recycled cardboard to construct pieces that re-contextualize urban settings and focus on things that are ignored, unseen or disregarded. Sidewalks, boxes or beat-up trucks filled with cardboard on the way to the recycling center can reveal connections to larger systems and the urban community. 

In public projects and workshops, I encourage interactions with people to explore ideas of community, commerce and questions of value. I use barter and trading systems to promote more relational, less commercial means of economic exchange. These pieces create environments that promote connections between people and encourage the use of post-consumer materials to provide alternatives to the consumer-driven culture.


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