In the studio - 2017


I use everyday materials to explore alternatives to commercial practices of marketing and consumption in favor of more thoughtful means of exchange. Discarded materials are recycled into works that highlight underlying systems of use, value and labor.

All the imagery for my collage works are sourced from supermarket flyers, glossy mail-order catalogs, ads and mailed promotions. I sort through, clip images out and organize them by theme or category as a way to emphasize excess and highlight unnecessary products and unsolicited needs.

I am currently using the collage work as source material, experimenting with patterning and duplication - digitally printing and/or screen printing on a variety of materials such as cloth, wood, wallpaper, giftwrap - in a sense entering into a mode of replication and production. 

With sculpture and installation, I incorporate recycled materials in pieces that re-contextualize urban settings and focus on things that are ignored, unseen or disregarded. Sidewalks, boxes or beat-up trucks filled with cardboard on the way to the recycling center can reveal connections to larger systems and community. 

In public projects and workshops, I encourage interactions with people to explore ideas of community, commerce and questions of value. Barter and trading systems are adapted to promote more relational, less commercial means of economic exchange creating environments that promote connections between people and encourage the use of post-consumer materials as an alternative to consumer-driven culture.


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